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Add This One to the Dictionary

At my house, the children get indoctrinated young on how moms are super.

A few summers ago, my oldest son kept on asking me questions like how I could do this or how did I know that and finally I let him in on the top secret secret-- I am supermom. This caused great astonishment and excitement. Whenever I found something HE lost (and other such things), I would ask him: so, who am I?  and he would say: Supermom!

Mind you, this little guy was at least nine years old at the time, so I know he knows people do not have outrageous superpowers. He loved the idea of it though. We have had discussions about how all moms have different super powers to help their families, that being super does not mean being perfect, and how those abilities make moms so special and, well, super.

Just the other day we were driving in heavy traffic and I told the children to stop fighting because they were distracting me and my little daughter was complaining that I wasn't listening to her, etc. etc. So, Mr. C chimes in something to this effect: well, mom I think your supermom powers are limited in the car. You use so much of them to drive, so it's okay that you can't talk and listen and stuff. It's like Superman and kryptonite. What should your kryptonite be? I say, the car.

If you want a list I have formulated for what constitutes a super parent, see: You Are Super

This brings me to the new word that belongs in the dictionary. And I am serious, people.

Considering the back story, my littlest son has been born into the sheer knowledge that mom is supermom and no one could convince him otherwise. He would call me supermom every time I got him a treat or found a toy for him and so on. Then one day, he called me a new nickname: Mamasita!

That particular word has some negative connotation to it, yet coming out of a three-year-old's mouth with such a sweet little smile on his face and that bear hug chaser, the meaning changes entirely. He called me Mamasita for a long time until he came up with the best nickname I have ever heard. He took his foundational programming, mixed in his cute, hispanic flair, and came up with Supersita.

That is his official nickname for me lately. Not just a Supermom. Not just a Mamasita. I am a Supersita. Now that is something.

So, does it or does it not belong in the dictionary?

I say: most definitely.


  1. I vote "yes!" Doesn't God's Word say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me..."? I am just agreeing with the Word!

  2. Donna: Perfect take on it! Christ is my strength.


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