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Positivity Amidst Negativity - Hilary Weeks

Throughout this journey of expression on the blog, many people have shared their personal experiences with me and I have found that the majority people everywhere are survivors of sore trials or current mourners of some type of loss-permeated issue.

That statement seems ridiculously obvious now, but it wasn't so clear to me prior to embarking on my blog adventure. I felt so alone in my trials--so uniquely troubled. I admit I still get into that mindset from time to time. Yet, I must remember the comfort promised me if I do as I should. Whether it is loss of a loved one, loss of identity, loss of a relationship, or anything that causes your heart deep sadness, striving to maintain a positive outlook is vital. Simply stated: we must keep going in order to heal.

To me, keeping going means going in healthy, positive, beneficial directions. This equals NOT going to the fridge/pantry for midnight snacks or going on chocolate runs to See's Candies or disbanding the exercise group (yeah, the one I run/ran at my house) or allowing disorganization to takeover for so long you need like five major interventions from friends and counting. Keeping going means finding friends to talk to about positive, uplifting things and seeking solutions to problems that are solvable and learning how to move forward by actually moving forward.

I keep taking classes toward my degree to keep moving forward. I go to church every week to keep moving forward. I stop, despite all the craziness, and give my children love no matter what they were just doing, to keep moving forward. All my efforts focused on being positive amidst all the negativity that attempts to encroach upon my happiness.

The song, Beautiful Heartbreak by Hilary Weeks, exemplifies positivity amidst negativity. This oxymoron of a title places poignant focus on the need for a paradigm shift. Heartbreak is not the end of everything. It simply changes everything. And change holds potential to be good for us.

I am curious to know what other people do to keep moving during trying times.
If you don't mind, please share any insights or ideas that could help others.

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