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This Phoenix Speaks

Seven years in the making, my first published book, This Phoenix Speaks , is now a reality. The tireless and tiring work invested to ma...

Breast Cancer Awareness AKA be kind to your friends

The link below offers some simple ways to help everyone to take care of their "friends". I don't know about you, but I hope my friends and I have a life-long friendship :) 

BYU Women's Services and Resources: All About Pink: Since October is national breast cancer awareness month, I can’t let the month go by without talking about breast cancer prevention. You y...


  1. As a two time survivor, I LOVE this Keep Calm version!!!! Whoot!

  2. Amazing! You KNOW what it means to fight on... congratulations on being alive. I am so glad I have got to know you even just a little bit through blogging. <3


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