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The Awful Waffle: the Opposite of Awful

When you read the words the awful waffle, what do you assume?
I assumed the owner wanted to create an establishment people couldn't easily forget by using an oxymoron, rhyming, and straight-up shock value. Calling your stuff awful seems counterintuitive, although for this outdoor, walk-up style, gourmet Belgian waffle cafe, it works.
Pumpkin Pie Waffle and Mint Hot Chocolate

At the suggestion of the waitress/cook/cashier, I ordered the Fall Special: the Pumpkin Pie Crepe (except I chose a waffle base). The very first thing I want to say is-- I want another one! This Pumpkin Pie Belgian Waffle was heavenly. Belgian waffles are one of my favorite breakfast foods to start with, but the texture of this Belgian waffle was simply fabulous with a nuttiness to it, cooked to toasty perfection. Then to top it off, the crushed graham cracker, pumpkin pie blend, cream cheese icing, whipped cream, with a dash of cinnamon sugar combination created a taste sensation not to be easily forgotten!

Did I mention that I want another one?

Waffle with Strawberries, Whipped Cream, P.Sugar

The guests I brought with me chose simpler entrees.  Ali got one of the waffles topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. This was really tasty as well.  The strawberries were fresh and bright, beautiful red--full of flavor. The whipped cream had just the right touch of sweetness.

crêpe with strawberries, whipped cream, and p. sugar

Liz chose to be a bit different and tried a whipped cream and strawberry-topped crêpe (also with the essential dusting of powdered sugar). She enjoyed it, but when I sampled some of it, I felt like it didn't have anything distinctive about it--nothing to make it worth choosing over one of the waffles. The flavor was just fine and it was as fresh as the rest. It merely lacked that little something more that makes someone recommend a dish to a friend.

If you like gourmet hot chocolate, you will adore theirs. I suggest the mint version with their wonderful whipped cream. Quite mintalicious.

It was a unanimous vote that the Pumpkin Pie Waffle was the winner-- and sure reason to return.

Reasons to head to The Awful Waffle include: when out shopping in Provo, before or after school, on a lunch date, to/from Sundance, or anytime you crave something different and delicious.

For Prices and a Peek at the Menu:
The Awful Waffle: Creators of Divine Belgian Waffles 
Where to find it?
815 North 700 East
Provo, Utah  84604
Near the southeast end of the BYU Campus

Call  (940) 300-5358 for hours of operation


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