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Movie Mars Book's Reputation

When I think of Twilight, the movie version, all I can say is: Why? The book gave them so much more to work with. Truthfully, I almost didn't read the book due to my less-than-impressed impression of the movie adaptation.

Some people might like that first film, but I will be the first person advocating a remake as soon as it is decent to do so. I had to watch the movie along with reading the book for a YA Literature course and it took me three sittings to finish it. I fell asleep two times, within the first 30 minutes of it starting, and the only reason I finished it the third try without falling asleep was because I sat uncomfortably and in broad daylight to help myself get through it.  I dreaded reading the book. But after reading it, I realized that my issue was with the movie. Seriously. That is NOT a captivating movie. The acting and transitioning between scenes is choppy and lack-lustre. period.

New Moon and Eclipse were progressively better productions. Hence, I believe we can certainly count on the newest film Breaking Dawn:Part 1 to make up the difference for Twilight's shortfall.

Here's to learning hard lessons and may Breaking Dawn: Part 1 bring down the house!

One week left to go...


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