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a movie and a song

Beginning note:
Christina Perri's A Thousand Years is a beautiful song! I enjoy the lyrical video style, too. With new songs, it is advantageous to see the words in order to comprehend the meaning of the song more quickly. I think so, anyway. The symbolism of the apple, flower, satin, and chess pieces ties the books with the song and just premiered feature film, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 quite seamlessly. The literature/film/music layering gets my teacher-self all excited about the possibilities.

On a different note:
A thousand years seems like a long time. Although, when looking at the larger picture, it really is not that much time at all. The world has changed so much in the past TWO thousand years and people have been able to record that history. Plus more.

When discussing love and commitment, there is such a thing as time without end—where the clock never runs out. I want MORE than a thousand years. Only Eternity will do it for this lady. 

Final note:
Here's hoping Breaking Dawn the movie can impress as much as Breaking Dawn the book did—much more please.

We're all about wanting more today.

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  1. Unfortunately, I could not attend an opening of the newest installment in the Twilight series, though I have heard very encouraging things! A cousin who went "just to get out of the house" found the film enjoyable. I can not wait to go!


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