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Replacing Poison with Gratitude

Writing a list of things I am grateful for isn't very original, yet I think it is an important thing to do from time to time, and I am feeling the need to express gratitude to counteract my negativity from yesterday. I am trying to eradicate the poison from the well!

Ten Things I am Thankful For Right Now and Why:

1. Getting to and from school in my old van without it breaking down. a miracle.

2. Having a refrigerator full of delicious, nutritious, and fresh food. essential. 

3. Typing on a laptop with internet connection. essential for school. luxury for everything else.

4. Living in a comfortable home that I can afford. peace of mind.

5. Seeing and talking to friends almost every day. rejuvenating.

6. Having good healthcare benefits for my children and me. comforting.

7. Going to the university of my choice. dream come true.

8. Writing a blog that more than just my BFF and I read. another dream come true.

9. Taking my Spanish test this morning with an overwhelming sense of calm. priceless.

10. Knowing God loves me. beyond priceless.

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