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Emotional Responsibility

A family member recently taught me a great lesson in three words: Take emotional responsibility.

I have been seeking peace and happiness for long time, and, all the while, have not been very successful at finding it. I used to blame much of my unhappiness on my situation. Much of the rest, I owe to my big fat mouth. Now I am caught in a freakish sort of limbo. Life is changing drastically. My situation is morphing into something new with increasing opportunities for enjoying the peace I seek, along with unforeseen situations that can only be cast aside emotionally if I am to find a way to be happy despite them. Then, we add in a dash or two of misunderstandings, bad communications, developing relationships, and other life occurrences. I don't know which way to turn some days. I want to be happy but there are so many challenges to face and issues to work out that it gets overwhelming, even dizzying. I can hardly see where I'm going.

Yet, what I can see is the thing that gets me through my day—my desire to learn how to live happy. I might go about it in the most ridiculous and painful manner yet recorded, but I am going to figure this thing out. One  day at a time, I will learn to take emotional responsibility and just freakin' be happy no matter what.

P.S. In case you're wondering why this is posted on Monday and not Tuesday, it is due to Hurricane Sandy and wanting to participate in the SOLSC community that is slicing early in anticipation of the storm.


  1. Laura, it sure ain't easy. One day at a time is the only way forward.
    For me, writing has been a great way to think things through and is helping me to become a more reflective person.
    Keep at it!

  2. YES, you need to just be FREAKIN' Happy!

  3. I think the hardships in life, while sucky (I know - such great word choice) really can open our eyes to appreciate and living a happier life and appreciating and living in the moment. May you find your happy and weather the storm.

  4. Joy is an attitude. You can not be happy, but still have joy :)

  5. I love all of your comments! You are so encouraging and I appreciate it so much. Let's all be freakin' happy!! :)


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