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As you wrote your lovely words, 
I was beyond confounded by their power
Over me. This muse has deferred 
The time, until I sleep, on which to shower
Me with dreams of love and peace
Where he whom I have yet to meet
Laugh and talk and become friends.
All of which unavoidably sends
Me in a wishful state of memory,
Wanting companionship divine
Knowing the time is not arrived.
Yet yearning for it desperately
Out of my grasp for now.

As I wake, the lasting wisps of your 
Enchanting grace wash out
The cobwebs of my lingering fears. 
I am enlivened and unafraid,
Ready for all that comes today.
My darling muse of a friend,
I owe you to no end
For wiping away even unshed tears,
Showing me I am enough, 
That I deserve everything, and more.


  1. Your poem today, captured me. And left me hungry. For more of the Lord.

  2. This poem melted me and mesmerized me at the same time...


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