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We're gonna party like it's 1999...

My van reached a huge milestone this past weekend. It hit the 199,999 mark, so it needs to be celebrated. Most people I have talked with feel worried for my van's mortal existence at this point, but I want to recognize how blessed my family has been by having such a good, reliable vehicle to get us around.

It has been with us since Monkey #3 was a baby, moved us and a few other families, hauled rock a couple times (don't ask), been to the drive-in, gone up and around its fair share of canyons and mountains for drives and camping trips, taken us on numerous trips including Disneyland, and most importantly, carted us all around town for groceries, healthcare visits, and the all important late night treat run.

I am truly grateful to have a good, running vehicle. Every single mile before and after this is a blessing from heaven, and I refuse to mourn its loss until I must. 

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