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Why Blog?

I got started with this whole blog thing because I went to a Publisher's Fair seeking out answers on how to get traditionally published and everyone kept asking me if I had a blog. I opened up this can of worms around a year prior to that fair, but had only done one post (The First Purple Thing). So, the next day I got to work and here we are now.

I had written a few chapters for the book I was working on and was hopeful, but I never counted on this. The blogosphere and twitterverse welcomed me and my writing with open, even beckoning, arms. I could not be more pleased with the results of reaching out into the unknown to see how what I have to offer would be received.

In the shuffle of my separation and the continuing divorce issues, I lost those chapters for the book I want to write. It is sad because I don't know if I can ever recall the words, but I have something even more valuable to me now: the ability to share my thoughts in meaningful ways on a daily basis.

Since All Things Purple's inception, my life has changed a great deal. I have changed more than I anticipated. My dearest hope for publication now will be to get a poetry book out into the world with my byline scrawled across the cover. I still wish to write the book trapped within this heart, but becoming an authentic, published poet has been a dream of mine for over twenty years. 

I didn't know it when I began this adventure, but I blog to explore and find all that I can become.


  1. I love how you lay out your thoughts, finding some clarity of where you have been and where you are going. So glad, His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. And like you, my writing a blog has brought more reward, more healing, more direction, more fullfilment....that I ever thought. Possible.


    1. Amen, sister. I'd be in a bigger mess than I am now if God weren't in charge! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and positivity.

  2. What a great story, and so much excitement and optimism shown in this article. Love it!


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