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Video Killed The Purple Lady

I am learning how to create instructional videos in order to enhance my abilities as a future teacher, and I had the opportunity of hunching over my computer whilst fighting back the beasts all day so I could finish this baby up on time. It is not perfect and that fact kills me; however, I believe it is a decent start. I will be proud of the brilliant concept and my work ethic. I have really struggled lately to keep my focus and finish pretty much anything in a timely manner, so I feel somewhat accomplished right now.

I hope you might watch my video, leave some feedback, and if you like it, share it.


  1. Perfect! I loved it. You have the sweetest voice :)

    Instructions are very clear and well spoken!!!

    1. Thanks for watching it! I never thought about how most people have never heard me talk before. I appreciate the compliment a lot because I was feeling irritated by the sound of my voice. It sounded funny to me.


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