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The biggest life lesson that I have found to be true is that my mom knew best. She didn't always know what to do, and she certainly didn't always do the best. But--when dealing with comparative wisdom, she consistently had a lot better judgment than I did at any point in time when we were at a crossroads of severe juxtaposition.

As I mother my own children now, I am able to see that I know best in comparison due to the wisdom I have gained/earned over the years. There is something empowering about realizing how it comes about. It's almost as if we should welcome the challenges of life with a big fat Bring It On! banner, welcoming the understanding and wisdom that comes with making it through the storms of life.

Not wishing hard times on my children but knowing that they do and will come, I hope that some day my children will learn this life lesson too because they have come to know what's best as well, and, in turn, teach their children to the best of their ability.

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