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All day long, the people told their sides of the story. All day long, hearts were breaking. All day long prayers were said and felt and heard.

The battle finally came to a head and is over; after too many years, yes, it is unbelievably over, but the verdict is not in. As I ponder on the situation, I think of how life's battle is never over until the end--that there will be other challenges to come my way. Yet, I know to give credit to the experience I have gained throughout these past several years. Tears have taught me a great deal. Learning to forgive and how to better cherish time with my children have been two lessons, but the biggest and I think most helpful to me for personal growth has been patience.

The waiting hasn't even stopped yet, and maybe it won't ever really. However, I do know that I can wait and wait it out well, so I am content. 

One thing I'm not quite sure of is how to translate what I've gone through into making patience a virtue, but you know what they say...


  1. Patience is a wonderful attribute to have gained. I need such a measure of it. I know you will find many places that have been impacted in a positive way. Still...it is hard. XO nanc

    1. I just want you to know that I really appreciate your comments. Having another thoughtful and thought-provoking member of my blog community strengthens me. I am thankful.

  2. Patience is such a hard virtue to cultivate, especially when you've had to wait for a resolution on something for so long. However, letting go of the waiting, like letting go of something you no longer can control, can open you up to other possibilities. Easier said than done, I know. But, when I can achieve this I feel liberated. I can then move on to other parts of my life.


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