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My Deficient Heart

With a sick little monkey and school and more kids to corral and impending court stuff breaking down the door, I can hardly think straight right now. I feel as if my brain is no longer capable of independent thought on anything important.

I've had a bit of news though. My heart needs help. (And, no, I'm not talking about any romantic woes although I am suffering pretty badly in that area as well.)  I am deficient in quite a few vitamins that my heart requires in order to be healthy. In the process of doing all the blood work, the doctor also discovered that I have a rare genetic defect where my body doesn't create a certain chemical it needs to better sleep, concentrate, remember, and not have cardiovascular events.

With all the negative stress over the past several years running me down and my body deciding to defect on me, I no longer wonder why I've been feeling like my heart is coming out of my chest and so raggedy from not being able to sleep very well. It's nice to have some answers to a few of my whys instead of always wondering when everything will stop falling apart.

I went to the store straight away, purchased the supplements and prescriptions the doctor ordered, and now, I just need to remember to take the stupid things.


  1. My prayers and love sweet girl! Hang in there. Connie

    1. Thank you! I need all of both of those I can get. <3

  2. Our hands and hearts are extended to you Laura! xo


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