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Seeking to Become - Thanksgiving 2013 (1)

"Sing unto the Lord with Thanksgiving." Psalms 147:7

As Thanksgiving approaches, my heart turns to focus on how my year has gone thus far, and I reflect on how well I am doing at seeking to become more like the Savior. The past few weeks have been very trying for me, so if I only look at how things are in this very moment I honestly don't think I'm doing so hot. I would have to admit that I am failing miserably. And I do admit it. However, looking at life microscopically is no way to live. Because I seek and strive to become more what God would have me be most of the time, I am reassured that things are not so bleak.

The many changes that have occurred over the past year have come to pass through great trials and tireless work to listen to my heart and become a more spiritually-centered person. The temptation to quit pulls at me more often than I'd like to admit, but through the strength of the Lord I am able to continue on to a bright future.

Blessings abound. Therefore, the remainder of this month will have more focus on singing praises of thanksgiving for all that makes life beautiful and worth living. I will sing unto the Lord my gratitude by taking time to ponder on all that I've been blessed with and share those things with you.

I invite any and all to join with me. You can link up your gratitude blogs or jot down some thoughts directly in the comments section, or you may also comment on The Purple Lady Facebook Page or tweet at me on Twitter: @th_purpl_lady.

Gratitude List 1

1. Children to love and care for
2. The gospel of Jesus Christ in my life
3. Fresh and delicious food to eat every day
4. A beautiful home with a yard full of strawberry plants, raspberry bushes, apricot and almond trees, and lovely flowers, bushes, and climbing vines
5. Nice furniture and electronics for enjoying movie time with family, friends, and by myself
6. A good running vehicle that gets me where I need to go
7. A sharp intellect (on most days)
8. Sisters-in-law who love me to my face and behind my back
9. Brothers who appreciate my efforts to keep our family together
10. All of my whacky and wonderful cousins, aunt, uncles, grandparents, nieces, and nephews

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