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memories of childhood friends


I had a lot of special friends when I was younger, so I don't really know how to choose just one! So, I won't. The only thing I worry about is if I forget someone. If you're reading this and you're one of my awesome friends from childhood, leave a comment and I will edit this. I don't want to leave out any of you.

A Handful of the Most Awesome Friends List

Teresa: playing at the park until late at night with her family, eating soup during the blazing Las Vegas summer in the shade of her tree in the front yard, walking to school together, learning to eat with chopsticks because there weren't any forks
Diana: rollerskating until we drop, making out with our pillows, homemade Orange Julius, the raging bonfire in my backyard
Tammy: Barbies, bypassing her house alarm and climbing out her bedroom window, traipsing around the neighborhood in the black of night, flocked Christmas trees
Sarah and Becky: Tang tea parties, scones, clogging, sleeping on trampolines, piling on layers and layers of clothes to play strip poker until we got down to decent exposure, "ballroom dancing"
My cousin, Sara: picking on the little cousins, giggling endlessly about nothing, peanut butter and chocolate bars at the beach in grandma's car, one of the best pen pals ever, "That chaps my hide!"

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