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sunshine in the rain

When life gets to be nearly unbearable, something always--without fail--shows me how life is not unbearable but blessed and wonderful.

Negativity began to creep in yesterday, peaking as I went to sleep last night. I woke up in a static mood and not wanting to get moving for the day. Then, I remembered about a special luncheon for one of my scholarships and had to get dressed. Remembering about that luncheon was the first good thing that occurred to help me get out of my dark cloud.

Then, I had the pleasure of helping a good friend with a project about blogging and all that's entailed in getting blogs out into the wild blue yonder (the internet). His detailed questions helped me realize how much I do know, which inadvertently proved that I'm not as much of a poser as I was leading myself to believe. And he bought me whatever I wanted for breakfast, and that translated into bacon and chocolate milk (try not to be too jealous).

Part of my anxiety was stemming from a presentation I had to give in my leadership course. I haven't been able to put my ideas into a concrete form, because life has been jacked. I was feeling so unprepared. I'd really like to know how to turn off all the stress and family demands and just get to work when I need to. So anyway, I went to class and did my presentation and didn't die or even faint. When class was over, I was able to realize how I had worked myself up into a perfectionist's nightmare.

The next part of my day was beautiful. I couldn't find the banquet room where the luncheon was being held, and time was running out for being on-time. I began to sink back into feeling like I can't ever get things to go right, then a gentleman crossed my path (literally) who looked like he might know something about something. Well, he did. He even found me someone who was going to the luncheon and would drive me there, so I wouldn't be late. How fortunate is that? I mean seriously. I was in awe for about fifteen minutes over the whole transaction.

That lunch was a really special time, too. I feel more than fortunate to have been able to get there and share in hearing and telling of the single moms' stories of how we all came to be in need of the scholarship. I also heard stories from children and grandchildren about the husband and wife who set up the endowment funding the scholarships. Receiving such a generous scholarship has blessed me so greatly that I didn't think this family could give me, a stranger, anything more. I was wrong. Sharing a meal with them and seeing how they were so completely invested in my success was an honor I will never forget.

My day has continued to be an avalanche of good tidings. I found out that I impressed a colleague with my editing skills so much so that she wants to hire me to edit a website for her. I realized that I have some time this weekend to work on school projects. And an old friend teased me like old times. I'm not really sure how that last one is so great, but it made me smile and laugh so much.

Today was slated to be 100% chance of rain, but instead, my expectations were dashed to pieces and replaced with sunshine and the best of times.


  1. Sunshine and the best of times - I love your words in this post. Glad you were blessed in so many ways!

    1. I appreciate your compliment! Thank you.


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