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Seeking to Become: Thanksgiving 2013 (2)

Gratitude List 2

1.  Friends near and far who buoy me up amidst this raging storm called life
2.  Neighbors who help me to take care of my house and yard
3.  Glitter because it's just really great stuff
4.  Snow--so long as the power doesn't shut off
5.  Goodly parents who taught me how to be a good person
6.  The Internet (and Internet service because without connection the Internet is stupid)
7.  A nice cell phone that works well and allows me to explore photography in news ways
8.  Cameras--good ones like Nikon and Canon but also cameras on phones and point and shoot
9.  Pool tables, bowling alleys, batting cages, swimming pools, and movie theaters
10. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook (yes, Twitter people, I included Facebook) because all of these social media sites connect me to new and old friends, my family, and readers like you

Follow the link below for information about this month's Seeking to Become focus
and Gratitude List 1:

Thanksgiving 2013: Week 1

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