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Seeking to Become: Thanksgiving 2013 (3)

Singing the song of gratitude this month is a gift I've given myself. I have been able to look past the dulled senses of those people who make fun of daily gratitude lists, and I've also been able to keep myself from feeling trite in my gratitude expressions. Gratitude comes from the heart, and I have been able to truly draw upon the spirit in my life to realize the abundance surrounding me. Cultivating more positive reflections is an essential I want to keep going, and expressing gratitude will help me.

I hope you've found time to sing with thanksgiving a little more and that we will all continue to recognize all the goodness around us.

Gratitude List 3

1.  Good books to read (Fahrenheit 451 has been on my mind)
2.  Children who love me despite my personal hamartia collection 
3.  Comfortable and safe living conditions
4.  The ability to write--quality yet to be determined
5.  Innate creativity 
6.  People who reach outside their comfort zone to give a helping hand
7.  Forgiveness
8.  Beautiful music that heals hearts
9.  Being able to feel--even when it hurts--but most especially when tears of joy overflow
10. The gift of sight, so I can fully appreciate all of God's lovely creations with my own eyes

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