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Lately, the buzzword has been change. People go on and on about it. It's like there aren't any other words to describe things becoming different or something. So anyway. I digress . . .

One side of the story tells us how change is something that no one should have to do; we are fine/beautiful/perfect just the way we are. Then the other side of the same story reminds us that change is inevitable because it happens all the time no matter what we do to stop it. So which side is true?


Change should not be forced upon anyone. Don't change just because someone doesn't like something about you. Kick whoever tries that garbage to the curb. However, there is something invaluable about choosing to change—changing because you want things to be better for you and potentially everyone around you. Changing the things that hurt you and hamper your progression in life. Also embracing changes that are out of our power to control is a form of choice. Attitude can make or break some situations. 

And then I think about what word captures how I want to describe what change is or should be. The word that paints a positive picture is improvement. Becoming a more excellent person by working on flaws remains a large portion of any good life. Status quo and wallowing in our shortcomings can't give us satisfaction once we realize we are in the midst of holding back from improvement. The light within us drives us to want to be our best selves. Improvement is in the fabric of our being.

I've also heard it said that people improve with age. Well, that's only true if you are truly improving and not simply changing. Not all change is good or good for us. Some change can be far more destructive than we could have imagined once time goes by.

These thoughts have roots deep within and branches that reach up and out of me. I have many thoughts taking me all over the place in my mind. But all of it brings me back to recognizing how I want to be. As I face another day, improvement will be my watchword as I strive to cultivate this joyful heart.

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  1. I don't think any one thing is all good or all bad for us. I have always welcomed change, but this year I am learning how to embrace staying the same. For me change is a thrill seek. It's hard for me not to want the thrill, so I'm looking for it in other ways. Like writing.


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