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tears required

Henrietta, Texas
 No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.
— Robert Frost.

This Robert Frost quote hits home for me.

People always connect with the words I've written when I've had my heart on my sleeve. Never do I get more praise or gratitude for what I write than on pieces where I've cried and suffered as I wound myself to get the feelings expressed.

I wish I were more skilled in writing than having to bleed my emotions through words for the words to jump off the page, but I guess I should be glad in how lucky I am to know how to get those emotions onto a page in the first place.

That is something to celebrate, and I am thankful to be able to feel, write, and love some more.


  1. Sometimes I write to piece together how I feel. I cannot usually separate the two. I think that makes a good writer.

  2. That's a beautiful quote and really true I believe. I always try to write something that I really feel and hope that it comes across to the reader. You are amazing at getting down what you're feeling, not everyone can.

  3. Writing is sometimes a cathartic act. Writing from the heart is powerful.

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