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set them aside

Youth cannot guarantee one more breath
Neither can beauty of heart, mind, and body
Precious spirit, dear and lovely
Taken from me in that first meeting moment
By infidelity and blindness
Toss away the games

Let them fall away from you and me
See where love lives and grows
Set aside painful preconceptions
Hurting everything you could ever have
Stealing the joy in store
That effervescent joy
Waiting on the steps of heavenly affection
Because the light wasn't left on

Because fear took hold
Or you didn't care enough to take a moment
To unlock the door to the important things
To wrap your heart around mine as they entwined
Waiting through the uncertain, blank night
For something altogether beautiful and real
A dream of sparkling acceptance
Feeling needed and ever cherished

Why won't it happen even when it could
The love is there
It is apparent and true
There for the taking
And everlastingly aching for you,
Darling, brave, immaculate soul
Fighting for a place in the brilliant sun
For you, me, us, forever

Make use of that magic inside your guarded heart
Keep it alive until those unseeing eyes
Open to the reality
That we can be
That you might actually need me
As much as I need you
And maybe—just maybe—life can be lovely
For you, me, us, forever.

Happiness is fleeting
Joy builds on memories that otherwise fade
Clouds upon the deep blue sky
Watching the world pass you by
Taking all the childish tricks and baubles
And set them aside with the games you used to play.


  1. Beautiful thoughts and picture.

    1. Thank you for always being so kind. It means a lot to me.


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