thirty minutes

What would you take with you if you had but thirty minutes to gather it all up and forever leave the rest behind? First and most certainly, I would take with me my children. But after that, who can say?

I think to grab my scrapbooks and a bag of clothes. I reach for some blankets made by my mother. There are family heirloom furniture pieces I could tie to the top of my car, but then where would I put the piano mom used to play all the time? There is no room. I want to snatch up all the children's playthings and throw them in a box, really quick, with the basket of letters and photographs from my family history work. Oh! But what about those dirty dishes in the sink? I must wash those up and get to that laundry before the clock runs out. I wouldn't want it rumored I could not keep house. I dare not leave behind my scriptures, books, and sewing machine nor the keepsakes on the walls. And I shan't forget my makeup bag and my favorite purple shoes. Do you remember if I already packed the baby blankets and some snacks? I want to take it all with me, but there is no time for that.

Yet, with all this said, I really do take every important thing with me. I have them within my cherished memories. No tangible item could matter more than what a heart can hold. Thirty minutes could never be enough if I had to load them in a car.


  1. Your post made me think about this...I haven't thought about what I'd take in a long while. My books are pretty valuable to me...I love my photos that are framed...of course the Bible and my computer, even though it is old. I need my files...oh and the zip. xo nanc

  2. Oh my gosh, I need to think about this! Photos for sure, but what about all my writing notebooks???? Before my laptop (which I would also grab), everything went into a notebook! Do I need a big steel fireproof box?? Maybe!

    Thank you for making me ponder this!


  3. I have to think about this. What would I take? hmmm


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