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TwitterVerse: Vol. VII

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your effervescence . eyes scent style touch talk caring . captured in a smile


The hunted and the hunter/ blinded by the trees/ walking through a swarm of shadows/ with nothing to do but see

Every once in awhile/ I stop to look around/ noticing you're not there/ I don't feel lost but found

You crept inside my dream last night/although you never earned the right/I will let you stay awhile/then cast you in the pile

I fell into a patch of stardust/as I gave you all my trust/We sang a song of moonbeams/ as we painted glitter dreams.


Your sunshine reached me through the wires and caused a smile. :)

I write words that make no sense unless, of course, you're him.

He wooed me with the words of others. 


As I re-enter life/ fresh from of the grips of hell/ bright-eyed and full of wonder/ I whisper, "Where's love? Pray, tell."

Beware the cautionary tale of a lady beset with hair ne'er to see the light of day without a rat's nest at the helm.


by the adoration ~ and devotion ~ of all eternity


with @divorcezen

dz:  if you can hear me ~ these words are for you
pl:  with his catch-all phrase ~ I was hooked, reeled in
dz:  caught ~ no release
pl:  the happy captive ~ within this net ~ of words
dz:  this bond holds ~ and frees us
pl:  as we dream ~ love ~ write ~ as we wish
dz:  choosing reality ~ into existence
pl:  on purpose

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