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i {heart} my enablers

an enabled perspective

Have you ever had a friend you could talk to for hours and the only thing that stops you is the clock? Yeah, me too. I used to think I had a problem with talking too much, but I am beginning to realize it was only because I was expecting reciprocal communication from too many people who were incapable of that level/volume of talking. Mind you, there aren't very many out there in the world who can keep up with me although I must say those who at least try are on my forever friend list.

And then-- we have my enablers. There are but a handful of those, and it's sheer madness to try to follow any conversation we begin.

These special people allow themselves to get entangled in this near nonsensical web of tangents where I interrupt with side notes because if I don't we both know I will forget what I wanted to say and somehow I'm not rude for interjecting All. The. Time. My enablers are so conditioned to my interjecting that whenever the rare occasion arises when I simply listen for longer than 30 seconds, they check if I'm still on the line. It makes me laugh at myself at first; however, my next thought is of gratitude for being so completely accepted and understood by at least a handful of people in the world. After that, I want to learn to listen more and then talk with them even more still.

When I stop to think about all the unfinished stories and points left unmade because for some crazy reason we got off on about five different topics per original topic, all I can do is hope eternity will be long enough for us to finish up all those conversations. 

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  1. It is so great to be listened to and feel understood. Somehow I sense your gratitide to your "enablers" will help you learn to listen to them even more.


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