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Winning at Healing

quote from Vexed by Design

I have had a lot on my mind lately. It's been a veritable roller coaster of emotionality. Floods of ideas and hopes and dreams interrupt the regular daily grind sorts of stuff. And then, sometimes, dark clouds tumble in and crowd out the sunshine. I don't know if it is depression per se but I still do struggle with feeling whole and well from time to time, though I could be getting closer to the healed side of the spectrum. (Cross your fingers and pray for me.)

One really encouraging aspect of my healing process is that I don't shed tears over the break up anymore. I believe I cried that river dry this past spring: My Heart Exposed. at least we can all hope.

My big concern right now is for my children. They seem to be caught in the middle and even though I do all I can to keep them out of it, they keep getting tugged back in. It is hard to see them struggle and only have so much I can do to help.  I guess it's how life goes--except I wish it all could have been avoided.

Life is busy with good things too. School starts soon for them and for me. Everyone will get to see their friends, focus on something outside our home, and keep on learning things that will empower us to keep going in positive directions. My friends continue to buoy me up. My needs and a few wants are being met. Happy surprises seem to keep coming my way. I count that as winning.

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