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pulled to you

Time has this funny way of pulling love apart
Yet, it also has the uncanny ability to join hearts.
We grow together, then, a combination of
Choices and circumstance stretch and sever love
Or—more precisely—cloud our vision
In recognizing true self in decisions.
So, we move forward with life.
Love others and learn to live.
Wrapped up in pretending to know
It was a good thing; It helped me grow.
Everything has taught me something.
So even for the licorice you'll hear me sing
A ballad of gratitude for all I've learned.
Pulled again, I near can see that for which I've yearned.
My sugar sweetheart friend living a taffy life.
Pulled and torn, alone, wrapped up tight.
Looking forward, now inconceivable to stop,
I enter as if into a candy shop
Sans all affectations ceremonious
Reaching for all things harmonious
As I lean in and am pulled to you.

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