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Ode to Pain

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When I write upon the page,
I must pay homage to the pain
which provides me with a poignancy
that could not come from other ways.

With tears staining many a word
With joy wrought after the sword
With fire lit on detestation's flint
I find my voice and write.

He gives to me so plentifully, this friend of mine.
We've walked a thousand miles since and, hence,
We shall walk a thousand more in time.

Love and hate which becomes
A mixed up mess of a relationship
Corners me in to my heart
And I learn to protect it
From you,
My poisonous unthinking pet,
With piercing trauma
Making immortal marks.

Come to me, my dear and darling damaging companion.
Your sweet song you bring to me
I only keep once you've abandoned me.
So enter so you may leave.
I welcome it, you see,
Because I'd never want it said I allowed you all the fun.

Throughout this existence lies a lie
One that deceives us on the fly
Many of us believe we deserve to never die
We hold disdain for that which eternally draws nigh
Yet if we would just learn to try
To revel more after every sigh
And gather in the joy behind each cry,
We could embrace, with love, our sad goodbyes.

So fair friend,
Let us entwine
Our many heartstrings
Admitting amity
At all ends.

Do not mistake these words I write.
They certainly have not come at a small price.
Perpetually prodded by a never-ending motherlode of strife,
I simply choose to draw from this wellspring of words called life.

I give thee thanks and thanks once more
For the words which fill my repertoire
I pray fare thee well until we meet again,

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