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broken hearts heal

My heart broke. 

While time flew by me, I stood still.

Confidence departed as anxiety and grief moved in.

No matter the day, I continue to stand still, afraid to move forward, afraid of change.

Loving used to be my nature, giving selflessly without any thought of receiving.

Will I know how to love if love ever takes root again?

The pieces of my fragmented, ripped-apart heart will never go back together the same, 
 but I hope to heal and love and be loved back. 

Hearts heal.

So mine will, too
(I hope).


  1. Yes, hearts certainly heal. There is a great message by Beth Moore I read about on another woman's blog yesterday regarding Wounds vs. Scars. I thought it was a great message and I think you might like it: http://moniquezackery.blogspot.com/2011/12/wounds-vs-scars.html.


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