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Why Did I Watch That Movie?!

I just finished watching the worst movie I have seen in a long time.

I really try to be choosy with what I watch, so I don't have to say stuff like I just said very often. Like, I can't even remember when was the last time I made that statement. Well, until just three sentences ago.  And now you can probably get a feel for how CRAZY. STUPID. Crazy Stupid Love turned out.

I think Steve Carrell was completely hilarious in Dan in Real Life and I liked Evan Almighty, but I haven't seen him in The Office (and just so you know--I know how to use proper grammar for my punctuation, but I cannot stand how quotation marks look on my blog. sorry). Needless to say, I am chalking the disappointment up to the chance that he has only done two good movies. period.

The movie was just Crazy. Stupid. Period.

What a waste of my time and, not to mention, my $1.20 at the stinking Redbox! Not to be a complete nerd, but I would rather have been studying for my grammar class! than watch that movie.

If you want more lowdown on how stupid it was without having to watch it, leave your questions in the comment box. It might be fun to have a Q & A session.

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