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The Refiner's Blowtorch

When life is beating you hard against the rocks, 
When you can not see the silver lining,
When children do opposite from what you taught,
When chaos looks like the force that's guiding, 
When choices are almost always made for you,
When family mandates harsh abandon, 
When lack of money shackles what you can do,
When love and disdain comes from the same one,
When pain overwhelms the strongest of the strong,
When death's darkness rapidly encroaches,
When everything slashes at your happiness, 
When everything seemingly crushes your hope,

they say it's called the Refiner's fire. 

I say-- it's more like a scorching Blowtorch.


  1. Bravo Laura. Great descriptive wording! You have captured my sentiments exactly ;) Ella

  2. Ha!!! Love it. Totally been there! Have a wonderful Christmas - and enjoy the scorn, ridicule and chaos...As my brother's mantra goes...The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlight of a fast aproaching train. :) Seriously, BLESS YOU!!!

    -R Dundore


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