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what my childhood tasted like

Red Licorice: reminds me of all the movies we'd see at the drive-in over on Mojave and Lamb

Black Licorice: horrific abuses left a bad taste in my mouth to this day

Penny-candies: undeserved freedom to walk to the 7-11 on Nellis

Dad's hot sauce: the stink of it filling the house once a year, burning my throat without taking a bite

Hickory Farms: New Year's Eve ALWAYS had a platter with crackers, too

Grilled cheese sandwiches: quick dinner I loved

Large pot of spaghetti: ate this too often

Grape lip gloss: I have been a Lip Smackers junkie from about age 8 to present day

Barbeque ribs: the buffet at Railroad Pass in Boulder City

When my brothers and I were still kids, I was the only one that was allowed to get the ribs at the buffets because my little brothers would make such a raving mess out of them. I remember when my dad let one of them get some--my mom came unglued!

To this day, barbeque ribs are one of my favorite foods. They taste good and I have so many fun memories while eating them.


  1. I have one thing to say...you WERE a Grape lip gloss junkie? The use of the present tense would have been more accurate. PRESENT TENSE!! ;)

  2. The post has now officially been edited for accuracy :)


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