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I'm a mess, but am I a beautiful one?

I was chatting on Facebook with some cousins and they recommended Jason Mraz to me. I asked, Is he a guy or an author? I guess the answer would have been yes for both, but whatever. (I have books on the brain and think everyone's an author until proven otherwise.) They quickly let me know that Jason Mraz is a singer/songwriter and that they think I might like his stuff. Never having heard of him before, but trusting the thoughtfulness of these two cousins of mine, I invited them to share their favorite songs via youtube.

Does my family know me, or what?!  

"A Beautiful Mess" is most likely my new favorite song. The words touch a tender chord in me. All I can think is how I wish for this to be my song, though I do not have someone who sees me with this perspective. I want someone who sees that I can do everything in the state that I am, not changed into something they want me to be. Then, on the other hand, it's also just an overly romantic catalyst for self-pity and crying and I should stop listening to it out of self-preservation.

Either way, the music and lyrics float ever so softly across my body and soul and take me away to Neverland—for just a moment.

Favorite lines from A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz:

You're the kind of girl who can take down a man, and lift him back up again
It's like picking up trash in dresses
I like being submerged in your contradictions
Your style is quite selective, but your mind is rather reckless
And I say, I am a beautiful mess, whether or not I find someone who recognizes it...

Thanks goes to A. Martinez for reminding me to write my whole thought in order to better convey meaning. You are a woman of strength that proves people can overcome hard things.

P.S. Remember to scroll down to the music player and press pause, in order to better enjoy the video presentation.


  1. That's one of his songs I hadn't heard before! It's good! I love when I find a song that I feel like fits! :)

  2. I never mentioned Jason Mraz to you? I ♥ him. I also like Schuyler Fisk. You should look into her songs, too.


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