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The Beginning of Forever

Dear Brother of Mine,

I would like to express--in the most public way I know how--my love, admiration, and hope for you.

I have known you since you were born. I have babied you and fought with you, loved you blindly like a child and loved you by choice as an adult.  We have detested one another, but we have also always known we love each other. And this knowing is a blessing in my life. You know I need help, and you help me when you can and tell me with honesty when you cannot. Your honesty blesses and helps me to carry on with the burdens I bear. I thank you for it.

You have had much to bear in your life, and I thank our Father in Heaven for all you have come through to get you to this beautiful day when you will start a family of your own.

I wish I could be there with you. It saddens me beyond words that I am incapable of seeing my baby brother get married, but I hope you know I would be there if it were possible. I hope you know how grateful I am you have found someone to love and who will love you in return. What a great blessing for our entire family!

I wish our mother and father could be there with you, yet I believe they would not miss it and will be there with you in spirit. Try to listen for them amidst all the excitement and I believe you will feel their presence.

I pray you will have a most exquisite day with your bride, creating the beginning of a lovely forever.

With love and affection from your sister,



  1. This is lovely! If you don't mind my asking, why can't you be there?

  2. He is getting married in a state far away, thus my school schedule, arrangements with children, and--above all--money were insurmountable road blocks keeping me from it. Every other issue would have been nothing if I had the money for an airplane ticket. It is quite the tragedy.

    1. You were there for the day that is more important then the wedding. The day we were sealed together for all time and eternity! Love you sis!


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