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I'm a freak zombie

Why is it that when we want sleep so bad we can almost taste it we usually can't get any of it? This is my million-dollar question.

When I am stressed or worried, insomnia has this overwhelming influence on my sleep patterns and I turn into a walking zombie of sorts. I might sleep for four hours (more or less), which means I don't get enough sleep at night, which means I am nodding off when I need to be alert and attentive during the day, which means I am not quite participating in life as I should, which means I start feeling like a loser, which means I get more stressed out, which means I can be officially classified as a freak zombie.

When I am especially stressed out and tired, I do this thing now where I just space out and everything is just background noise for a moment or two. It is irritating, yet I don't know how to stop it. Another interesting factoid about me and sleep is that if I happen to take a nap, like I did this afternoon, I can almost count on not being able to sleep tonight. It is an eternal round of absolute insanity. If you know anything about the psychology of sleep, you know I know what I am talking about.

So, after you read this, I ask you to please cross your fingers for me tonight that I might get a proper amount of sleep. This zombie is tired of being tired.  


  1. Oh, I hope you got a good night's rest last night! Not being able to sleep - and knowing you have to - stinks.


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