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a purplicious birthday

Celebrating birthdays gives me a thrill. Really, celebrating anything for that matter. I love getting people together to spend time and make memories. I don't know what it is precisely that makes it so fantastic for me, but I love it.

My first party-planning memory is from when I was between seven and nine years old. I was in the Lucky's grocery store with my mom, and we were in the freezer isle standing in front of the ice cream. I asked her if I could have a party for my upcoming birthday, she looked at me and said without hesitation: If you plan it, I'll pay for it. That's the deal. And my days as a lover of party planning and going commenced. I grabbed a container of mint chocolate chip ice cream and ran with it. (Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.)

The inspiration for this year's birthday party came whilst cleaning out my cupboards. I was sorting through all the spices, etc. and found an unopened container of root beer concentrate and just knew it should be used for a party. I needed to celebrate something amidst all the sadness lately, so a birthday party fit the bill perfectly. 

Purpliciousness in cake form by: Darcy

the stock birthday banner dressed up a bit 

Party guests by: HRH {D}
the root beer experiment
a friend even brought Crush to the party to celebrate

While a party can not take away all the worry and pain, I can attest to its ability to put a smile on one's face and enliven even the most sorrowful of hearts.

Thank you to everyone who attended. It made my year.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was so fabulous. I really felt special having so many people want to come spend the evening with me.

  2. Wow! What a cake. I love getting together with friends + family too.

  3. Sorry I didn't make it, car broke down in Bountiful :( Glad you had fun!


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