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the day before Easter

Bunny Cake: inspired by K. Cummins
On the Saturday before Easter, we do the egg coloring, Easter egg hunts, crafting, and preparatory baking. Doing it this way, we have a day focused on the Easter Bunny and save Easter Sunday to focus on celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

This morning, we spent time with our neighbors. We started off with a short scriptural lesson about the events surrounding the atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus, which elaborated on some of the symbolism we find in our Easter festivities. Then we started in on the fun stuff: coloring eggs and making bunny cakes.

After all that, my friend and one of her sons piled into our van with us and we drove out to BYU for a hugeamongous Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Cosmo (the BYU mascot) and the Easter Bunny. I totally forgot to take a picture of the football field, but let me tell you, it was covered with candy, eggs, and prizes. Just covered. The children had a blast swooping down on all the treats. Even my autistic, toddler-like teenager was able to get a bunch of fun stuff. It was so well organized and entertaining.

So now I am cleaning up the kitchen, preparing jell-o jiggler eggs, salads, and trying to not go insane with all the hyper, hopped-up-on-sugar monkey people running around the house.

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