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Top Ten –licious Words Every Geek Should Know

1. Purplicious: because purple is simply the best color ever and that’s just how the world works right now. I’m writing this article, not you. And no, I won’t apologize. ;)

2. Divalicious: The ultimate of all other (besides purplicious) –licious words because the diva said so, that’s why. Now just sit down and mind your business if you don’t agree. 

3. Fabulicious: Fabulous on steroids.

4. Yumalicious: Using this word to describe food makes it taste all that much more yummy and delicious when combined in such a fabulicious manner.

5. Glittalicious: Glitter sounds too proper. Glitta gets it right. And labeling anything glittalicious morphs it into the hottest sparkly thing yet viewed by the naked eye.

6. Dorklicious: An attempt to make acting like a dork cool. Using this word is effective in 5 out of 10 trials. Use with caution. 

7. Uberlicious: Larger than life and totally in your face good stuff. 

8. Dramalicious: This word is in direct reference to anyone who can pull off drama in the most dramatic way possible that does NOT bug the garbage out of people.

9. Freelicious: Getting something for free that is so fantastic it makes you feel like a rock star.

10. [your name] licious: a fun yet slightly overdone way of communicating to others you feel (or think you are) sexy.

11. Geeklicious: a word that does not make any sense whatsoever except for the fact that only a geek would put 11 words in a Top Ten list.


  1. haha...this is AWESOME! #4 is definitely my FAVE! ;) You know how I LOVE to bake (and EAT) me some yumalicious treats!!! ;)

  2. Great list! My daughters and I are partial to excellicious!


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