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Every Parking Lot Should Have One

I pulled into the parking lot of my attorney's office. None of the close Visitor spots were open, so I had to drive around to the other side of the lot to see if there were some other close ones available for my use. This could be anyone's story on any given day in any parking lot anywhere, right? What I saw next is NOT so very typical. As I slowly drove past the handicapped parking spots (all in blue, of course), I saw an empty spot at the end of that row. The only problem is it had a sign on a pole in front of it as well. But then, my brain did a double take and realized the sign was not blue but PINK! What the heck is a handicapped parking sign doing being PINK??, I thought to myself. My next instant thought told me someone must have had some fun spray painting; next instant thought was it could be expectant mother parking (I have seen that before, but only in Babies R Us parking lots from time to time); and my next thought was to just read the sign, woman! So I did. Immediately, I got out of my car and took a snapshot with my junky phone camera because for some stupid reason I had forgotten to put my camera back in my purse (yes, I have started carrying my camera with me everywhere. and yes, I am a geek.).

The only thing I would wish to change on this lovely signage is, obviously, to have it in purple and  encrusted in glitter and/or bead work of the fabulous variety. and hung prominently in my garage.

So back to my story--I totally parked in that spot. Out of anyone in the world who needed to get a boost, I was definitely the person right then. It was kind of silly to feel special about getting to park in a spot just because it had a pink sign in front of it, but it worked.


  1. Oh I do love this sign and glad you were able to enjoy the spot. I wonder who put it there. Love your thinking you shared.

  2. Love the sign - love that you parked there! I totally get the carrying your camera around. Since the SOLSC, I've been bringing my camera more places and wishing I had it when I don't bring it places.


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