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Lighting It Up Blue

the sky is blue today ~ all around the world ~ for you
April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day and I celebrate it in honor of my sweet daughter. She has rocked my world for over fifteen challenging and lovely years. I have learned many lessons from my non-verbal, overgrown toddler. I have learned how to love the kind of love that is forgiving at all costs--even true lovingkindness. She knows no guile. She does not hold a grudge. Whenever a sibling or friend gets in trouble (especially when in trouble for being mean to her), she gets back-talking in her 18-24 month old way about how mean and rude I am for disciplining the guilty party. She will grumble or even yell out No, mom, no! Mean, rude, mom. [Child's name] no mean, mom mean. etc. It causes me to laugh a little because she is so loyal to everyone, even if she was the one who tattled to me in the first place.

You know this girl is your friend by her desire to talk to you, even if she can't do it very well at all. She tells people she passes by Your shirt's pretty--boys too. men and babies too. I have had to teach her to say Your shirt's cool for males in order to keep teenage boys from looking at her like she is insane. One thing I have to say about the people who do know her, they know she loves them and they are all so kind and sweet to her. It brings peace to my heart seeing teenagers come running over to her just to say hi or give her knuckles (another one of her specialties).

I have been blessed immeasurably by being part of the Autism adventure and I hope you might want to learn more about it if you aren't already along for the ride yourself.

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