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TwitterVerse: Volume I


newly acquainted ~ my mind cannot forget thee ~ even whilst sleeping

running in the dark ~ toward everything and nothing ~ trapped between two worlds

your sweetness alights ~ providing new confidence ~ awakening tears

step out of the night ~ Suffocated and Strangled ~ bask in warming light
Love is elusive ~ sought, lost, destroyed, regained, famed ~ a passionate dream

quietly they sleep ~ if only for the moment ~ peace envelops me

waking in silence ~ the nightmares never ceasing ~ tears flooding my face

blinded by chaos ~ i cannot see how it ends ~ forever is now

extraordinary ~ nearly imaginary ~ precious missing friend


suddenly appears ~ a vision of happiness ~ dispelling sadness 
came and went quickly ~ like a hot flash of lightning ~ searing to the core
unforgettable ~ aurora borealis ~ irreplaceable 

#Haiku #Alliteration
sun shining above ~ blossoms bursting in splendor ~ miraculous sight

heart-piercing poison ~ incites pernicious stirrings ~ painful words of love 


tonight lasts until ~ we cease speaking of memories ~ and making more along the way

there once was a brat ~ and he was more than a brat ~ and that was that

driving driving driving ~ waiting waiting waiting ~ going no where real fast ~ wishing I were there

crying is what I do best ~ because I have no rest ~ no rest from all the worry and care ~ that your lack of love gave me to bear

sunshine will be my friend ~ someday when the sadness ends ~ you and i will find each other ~ basking in a love that lasts forever

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