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the non-existent nap

The children were all made content and busy with snacks and crayons and coloring pages. Time for a rest was ticking away--nearly slipping through her fingers. So sleepy that she could barely keep her eyes open, the mother hurriedly crawled onto her bed. She felt the tiredness turn into sweet slumber--until the youngest one abruptly stated: Mom! I had the best day at field day today! Not knowing if she said wonderful out loud or not, she believes she opened her eyes and said it and gave a smile. Then off to sleepy land she floated, resting in the soft quiet peace called her bedroom, dreaming of a song and field day and popsicles and--Mom! My favorite game was the Ninja game! I was the BEST at it!!... Sleep would not leave her foggy mind, but she could sense this was important so she sat up as far as Fatigue would allow and asked the little ninja if he would like to go color or come cuddle with mommy. Hundreds of exuberant words flew from his mouth (none of which were of the lullaby sort), but he paused for a moment to hug his mother, telling her she is the best mom ever, making sleep no longer so vital.


  1. Yes....we can live for quite a few years on love!

    1. I have quite forgotten until now to tell you thanks for this comment. It rang true to me and still does and want to acknowledge the fact. Love keeps us alive <3


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