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TwitterVerse: Vol. III

severing our ties ~ I'm beckoned into darkness ~ gripping suffering

sizzling fire within ~ scorching my heart forever ~ poignant memories

mothers provide life ~ from beginning to the end ~ breath, strength, support, love

love and grace adorned ~ offers sacrifice divine ~ stunning loveliness

creating boldly ~ giving love generously ~ surrendering self

Vegas was my home ~ It's been a lifetime ago ~ Parents left behind

Standing in a row ~ anticipation rising ~ all ready for school

I have been given ~ unimaginable gifts ~ some wanted some not


Hearts are tricky things ~ beat for one for forever ~ then stop yet can't stop
Life moves on daily ~ moving away so subtly ~ erasing pieces
Holding tight many ~ terribly incredible ~ melancholy mix

destroyer of hearts ~ havoc you've wreaked upon me ~ for much, much too long
permission granted ~ embraced, even encouraged ~ sorely regretted
no longer wanted ~ nothing left of me to give ~ get thee hence, I plead


His light reaches farther/ touching my soul/ once empty/ now full

the light of day might see these tired eyes/in wonder they behold the beauty of the wise/striving to stand strong against lost love's guise

To make daggers fly/ all he need do is write or speak/ double-dipped in lies/ piercing my wounded heart so deep/ Why couldn't I see?

for all the love and loss we feel/ let us pause to recognize/ all the friends who help us heal

Of all the things to squabble about/ let us not give too much credence/ to something so trivial/ the time 'twas not well spent

every day we had/ marked a hole in every day we don't/ now and always

heart on her sleeve/ moving about life/ too much to believe/ fantastical levels of strife


unwavering faith and devotion is essential #sixwords

Whoever said a smile isn't talking? #sixwords

Respectful actions prove love to me #SixWords

Everyone is capable of passionate desires #sixwords Who is capable of faithful action? #sixmorewords

Continuously releasing hope/ hoping for ties that bind/ which hold our hearts and hopes/ always looking ahead/ continuing on

love has been the thread/ binding my wounds/ through every waking moment/ that I have tread.

wake I must/ poetry bringing my dreams into the open/ through ink and air/ they float

living dreaming waking screaming/ tied with ribbons lovely and strangling/ life filled with dreams worthy of crying

robed in velvet aubergine/to warm against the cold of night/word-filled tears spilt upon the page/granting strength to fight

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