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TwitterVerse: Vol. II


where ever you are ~ darling, sweet wish of a love ~ my heart has gone there

the sun, it sets on ~ days filled with less than there was ~ marking your absence

screaming and crying ~ desiring closure. wishing ~ all inside my head

she looks like a girl ~ a controlled, trapped animal ~ pretending freedom

pacing the track ~ worn into the old carpet ~ nervous and needy

loyalty 'twas feigned/ consciously/ unwittingly/ never just for me

looking past fake smiles ~ frightened by your promises ~ motivating dread

Dear Antipodes ~ you fade into the distance ~ as each sun rises 

friendship orchestra ~ plucking away my heart strings ~ symphony of grief

sense of friendlessness ~ pervasive and poisonous ~ forces me to flee

I am now undone ~ torn heart leaping from my chest ~ drowning silent tears

hiding wildfire tears ~ separated by station ~ same yet different


working through sadness in your absence

a little obsession never hurt anyone

Your brand of sunshine, I miss.

Romantic love can be suffocatingly enchanting

her rare beauty only lacked elusiveness

Poetry is the pathway into my heart

#Collaborative my responses to others' writing

Imagination can be a great deceiver ~ weaving truth, beauty, and wishes into one. Reality's ambitions are hard won.

his voice: symphony of my sheet music

Like a violent summer storm/ along life's path/ You leave me devastated  

finding that someone/ who writes these words on their list/ wants to check it off  

Not knowing how, when or who
Torments not made by her / create seas of tears / washing away love
The flames burned out the light / both creations of love / and the cradle she gave willingly for that heart


tus palabras añadir a mi mundo

Vivo a dos realidades: hermosos e insoportable/ Quiero una realidad: lleno de paz y un marido amable


writing messages/ into the air/ hoping you might find them/ wishing you were there

Write me a sonnet/ and I'll give you a kiss/ Give me your heart/ and I'll be your bliss

Disconnecting from pain and reality/ in vain attempt to connect with you/ exemplifies one of life's many incongruities

a symphony of the most visible sort/ in the form of a smile/ you are the conductor/ a captivated audience/ I cannot keep myself from it

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