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a home for you and me

Excruciating loveliness opens the door
For me to fall into the corner 
Where choices are made in presets
The choice to checkout on the last call
For tickets—the last chance to get off the train
One way trip for me
I don't want off. I don't want anything else
Except the chance to make it all the way 
With you as a travel companion
Keeping me safe when I don't have the strength
To carry on without you feels like 
No one will get out alive.  And still I don't want out. 
Our imperfect perfection beckons me further
Into the night air as the train keeps rolling 
Along in the dark of night 
Scraping along the landscape 
Changing it, affecting it
To rise above the din of broken dreams
With hearts that need a home within each other

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