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Denver, CO

What you ask of me without words
Could just be what I am asking of myself
But you might not care if I stay or go—a layer of apathy

What I ask of you with and without words
Could just be what my heart alone has want of
So you would be glad even grateful if I left never to return

What others demand of you in all their forms
Could just be what you have allowed under pressure
But you don't see to do things differently

What you ask of others
Could just be what you know—familiarity
But you don't see everything that's missing

What we ask of ourselves
Is not all we are capable of
So we reach for our potential to little avail

What is there for the taking
Is still there and it will keep—for now
So we borrow on credit a fresh day to try again

What I know of us
Is that we have more than either comprehends
And we want to make each other happy

Looking through glass
We strive on side by side to understand
To find a unified reflection

Because somehow I must believe
Unopened windows bother both of us—not just me
And we will see this through into eternity

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