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you can

Leading an invigorating life needs only time
The kind of time that is had by investing
In each day, find a way to invest the kind of time
It takes to be invigorated and invigorating
Seek out opportunity to do something differently
To make a difference—to change
Because you can

The impact of your smile
The way in which you change the world
One day at a time
The power that is yours
In the power of choice
Invigorate your life, and you'll invigorate others'
Because you can

Creating space for more
Invading the darkness
Leaving it no place in your heart
Nowhere to hide
Making lovingkindness the watchword
For everything you do
Because you can

The choice, the attitude, the way you use
Your time proves what kind of person
You will become
Be invigorated
Be invigorating
Make life amazing
Because you can

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