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the weather

Rushing past one another like white water in a ripping river mid summer
Or like turbulent wind whipping through a canyon each fall.
Both of us damaged by an unforgiving frost that sears the ground in winter.
Yet even still—you still were able to stop long enough
To see me. 

Turning winter to spring eternal,
You, who claims to be broken, 
You, who claims to not be able to,
Have loved me enough
To slow down and cherish me,
To cherish us.

You saw me before I showed you
All the hurt and scars.
You held me in your arms
With words and music, 
And then you let me in 
To witness your brilliant heart
Trusting me with more than either ever thought
We could share and still withstand the unrelenting weather.

You took me in your arms to dance
One starry night never to be the same—you and me. 
You witnessed the tears with love and care.
You share with me things you will not write out anymore—please begin again.

Save us from the burning coals
Of misguided gallantry
That stand to burn our bridge as we build it. 

I saw you before you showed me 
All the hurt and scars. 
I sang to you the song
You hadn't heard for too long, 
And then I let you in
To witness my stalwart love
Trusting you with more than either ever thought
We could share and still withstand the unbending weather.

Leap into the light. 
Take my hand, my darling friend.
Allow me to show you what I know
That we might have a proper chance.

Rescue your heart 
From the frostbite 
That threatens to keep you down. 

We saw each other before we showed ourselves
All the tender care we shared as it began to heal our hearts. 
We nurture and care for one another
Like we've never truly had with any other, 
And now the time is near 
For letting go of fear
Trusting ourselves—trusting us—with more than we ever thought
We could share as we prove this bond shall bring us through 
Every type of weather.

Words in italics by C.T. Duncan

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