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Beyond the edge of it all
I stand suspended without 
Watching the masses pick and prey
Leaving the scraps

What is leftover
Of time, care, and effort
When one is spread too thinly
Gingerly working to make ends meet

Grateful for each morsel sent my way
Not realizing I was so far away
From having something valued
Believing and valuing everything.

Pain emanating from a fresh wound
From taking for granted
The love layered and stitched 
In her heart for always planted

Cutting to the heart of the matter
Time will take her toll
It must be paid
And even still I want more

Not wanted how she wanted (wants)
On the outskirts still
Now but Forever
Rejecting the ego

Crushing damned ego
That kills the kindhearted
Breaking tender branches
Growing together

A hurricane 
A tempest
A loving soul
A mess

None of this makes sense.

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